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Message from Kingwood Mayor

As you are all aware, there is an outbreak of COVID-19 that has hit Kingwood/ Preston County area. Please ensure you are exercising extreme caution if you or someone who you have been in contact with that has been out of the state recently.
COVID-19 is very easily transmitted, even if you feel no symptoms. If you are showing symptoms or have tested positive for Covid, please listen to state and local health department guidelines and self quarantine for 14 days.
Please be considerate and protect those around you. If travel is needed please wear a mask.
I urge all citizens of the city and surrounding areas to take extra precautions when being out in the public.
Most importantly do not blame or harass any individuals that may be dealing with this virus. This virus is still real and will be with us for some time. Let’s continue to be safe and we will get through this together.

Mayor Jean-Manuel Guillot

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