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Preston County Clean Up

April is Clean-Up Preston Month!

The Preston County Chamber of Commerce BAD Buildings Committee is encouraging Preston County residents to clean-up their local roadsides and individual homes and properties during Clean-Up Preston Month!

Safe at home with time for projects around your own home, or want to do something nice for an essential worker’s home while they continue working to ensure the safety of us all? .

Take a “before” photo of an area that needs some cleaning or maintenance, then take an “after” photo after you’ve improved the area. Post it on Facebook and/or Instagram with #cleanuppreston @prestonchamber @friendsofthecheat. .
We will select four winners (!) who will receive a gift certificate to a local restaurant offering take-out, courtesy of the Preston County Chamber of Commerce.

It’s a WIN-WIN! We can support local restaurants, enjoy a cleaner, happier community and show our pride in the place we are so lucky to call home. #prestoncountyproud

Please stay close to home, and conduct clean-up activities only with your families and isolation-buddies following CDC recommended physical distancing guidelines. Do not organize large groups or carpools. Groups violating these rules will be eliminated from the contest.

Roadside clean-up supplies including bags and pickers are available by calling Preston County Litter Control Officer Jay Sowers at (304) 698-5594. Participants may also use their own bags. Please gather bags/debris to a single, easy access area.
For collection, please promptly contact Officer Sowers at (304) 698-5594.

Also, for self-disposal the Kingwood Transfer Station is currently open Monday-Friday from 7:00 am – 3:00 pm with no loads accepted later than 2:30 pm. Items not accepted are: yard waste, burnt lumber, liquids and appliances with freon. Contact the Transfer Station at (304) 329-3235.

More on Clean-Up Preston Month
A Community Clean-Up can allow residents and local businesses to feel that they can positively impact their neighborhood simply by picking up trash and it can reassure other members of the community that they are cared for and that the spaces they live and work in are important. Community Clean-Ups may not be the solution to every problem that the community has, but they are making a big impact on the attitude and behavior of the residents here.
Clean-Up Preston is a call to action for the whole Preston community to take care of the environment by cleaning up the areas in which they live and to encourage the public not to litter.

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