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Preston County Workshop

Preston County Workshop

Preston County Workshop works towards growing and enhancing our community’s workforce by putting their employees first.
Through their services, individuals can find employment that’s designed around their specific needs. It’s more than just a job.

The Workshop offers a wide range of employment, such as:
-Assembly Line Worker: An assembly line worker can be a part of the manufacturing process. Products move from different workstations while each employee assembles one part.
=Greenhouse Project: We have a full greenhouse operation where our employees plant seeds of many variety’s of flower and vegetable seeds and care for them until there ready to sale in the spring. We have hanging flower baskets, flower flats, vegetable flats and many other items for sale.
=Farming Project: We operate Hickory Ridge Farm in Independence, WV which is a USDA GAP certified farm where we train our employees plant, grow, harvest and sale produce so they can get farming experience and have opportunities in grocery stores, and in the farming industry.
-Crate Fabrication: A crate fabricator can operate power tools designed to build and paint crates, produce foam and adjust crate sizes.
-Pallet Fabrication: A pallet fabricator can lift heavy objects to load and unload trucks, turn in paperwork, complete partial pallets, maintain a clean work space, and mark pallets for loading.
-Fiberglass Cutting and Fabrication: A fiberglass fabricator can laminate layers of fiberglass to a mold in order to build products like boat decks, golf carts, and cars.
-100% Recycled Fire Starter Assembly: A fire starter assembly worker fills empty tubes with shredded paper. Another assembly line of workers then dip the tubes into candle wax. The tubes are distributed to state parks where campers and hikers can use them.
-Janitorial Services: A janitorial service worker can perform basic cleaning duties, product and cart restock, vacuuming, tend to flooded areas and accidental spills.
-Labeling: A label maker can collect and review all important information, enter data and create labels.
-Lawn care: A lawn care employee can provide maintenance to the Preston County Workshop property.
-Moving Services: A moving service worker can help load and unload the moving truck.
-Parking Lot Sealing/ Line Striping: A parking lot sealer can help in the parking lot painting process. This includes preparing the lot to be painted, mixing paint, applying undercoating and finishing materials.
-Secure Document Destruction: A secure document destroyer can assist in preparing confidential documents to be shredded.

For more information, call 304-864-6446

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