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Open Call for Auditions for Kecksburg Movie

May 7, 2017 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Preston Community Arts Center
123 S Price St
Kingwood, WV 26537
Lynne Housner

May 7, 2 p.m. at Preston Community Arts Center, 123 S. Price Street, Kingwood, WV


Kecksburg, a sci-fi thriller, will be filmed in and around Kingwood and Preston County by director Cody Knotts. Cody is a relative of the late Don Knotts and he still has relatives living in Preston County. The movie is set in Kecksburg, a town much like Kingwood, and is based on an actual incident which occurred in 1965. When a UFO crashes near Kecksburg, firemen find the UFO. But, three boys arrive first and find aliens who they befriend. The military and the media show up and a struggle between finding the truth and covering it up begins. Cody needs local adults and children play a variety of roles. Many major and a few minor roles have already been cast. Some of the cast members needed include; • Richard, 18-35 year old fireman. Male. Major part. Must possess CDL. • Trailbreak Tommy, 12-14 year old Boy. Major Part. Young, but an expert in the woods. • David, 13-15 year old Boy. Major Part. Tommy’s buddy, survives a night in the woods • Ralph, 11-13 year old Boy. Major Part. Ralph is part of the trio. He wants to go home. • Two Agents, Men in Black. Helps if they speak Latin • Multiple Men in Black. 18 to 80+ needed for men in black • Two Young Girls, 5-12 year old & Older Woman, 55-70+ year old woman Please bring a headshot and bio, if available. For information about the auditions, please call Lynn Housner at 304-441-2315.

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