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Preston County Chamber of Commerce Seeks Administrative Assistant

August 19, 2019 @ 7:36 pm – 8:36 pm
Preston County Chamber of Commerce Seeks Administrative Assistant

Preston County Chamber of Commerce
Seeking Administrative Assistant with experience.
Should possess strong written and verbal communication skills.
General computer proficiency, professional, dependable and detail-oriented.
Reports directly to the Executive Director
Part-time 16 hours per week.
Submit resume by August 26, 2019 to
Please visit our website and Facebook Page for a full job description

POSITION: Administrative Assistant
The person holding this position reports directly to the Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce for direction, training, questions or explanation concerning the work and chamber policy. The status of this position part-time.
The following defines first, the scope and type of work responsibilities characteristic of this position and secondly, the responsibilities which are relevant to staff behavior or chamber standards and are considered part of this job description. In all instances, it is of utmost importance that a high degree of confidentiality be observed.
Key Responsibilities include:
Written materials & correspondence
Reception& public relations
Telephone correspondence
Regular and special committee projects
Support to Executive Director
Descriptions of these responsibilities are explained in the following paragraphs.
The assistant will be responsible for written materials and correspondence as requested by the Executive Director. This will include basic writing, editing and mailing and e-mailing. This area of responsibility will range from letters of reply, photocopies, e-mails, sending information packets, to preparing agendas and minutes, organizing mass mailings and assisting Executive Director newsletter. Will work with Executive Director in preparing official Chamber publications.
The assistant will be the chief person to welcome visitors to the chamber office. The assistant shall be pleasant, offer a greeting and seek to assist the person/persons as efficiently as possible. The assistant, whether on duty or off duty shall be professional and supportive of the organization they represent.
Speaking to individuals on the phone is an on-going responsibility of the assistant. Some examples include: calling committee members and reminding them of meetings or deadlines, answering requests for information, telemarketing an up-coming event. In all cases, strong verbal skills will be necessary.
The assistant will assist the Executive Director in the coordination of Chamber committees, events and special projects.
Cooperation with the Executive Director will be essential to the assistant’s position. Tasks may be assigned that have not been listed as part of the job description. The assistant shall be responsible for taking the initiative for completing the tasks once asked.

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