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February 6, 2024 Preston County Day at the Legislature

Preston County Chamber of Commerce
Contact: Kristy Ash, 304.329.0576

February 6, 2024 – Preston County Day at the Legislature
Kingwood, W.Va., – February 13, 2024

The Preston County Chamber of Commerce and over 50 residents, business professionals and elected officials traveled to Charleston last week for Preston County Day at the Legislature. Displays from area businesses and organizations filled the Senate lobby and the smell of buckwheat cakes filled the air.

“Preston County Day at the Legislature is well-known for our traditional buckwheat cake breakfast.” Everyone at the Capitol looks forward to the morning when they enter through the Capitol doors and smell the buckwheat cakes and sausage.” “This year, we served over 500 people.” “We applaud Jean Manuel-Guillot with the Preston County Inn and the five students from Preston High School’s CTE Pro Start Program, who prepared, cooked and served those in attendance,” stated Kristy Ash, Director of the Chamber. Ash added, “Buckwheat cakes and sausage are an important part of our day at the Capitol.” “They are a part of Preston County’s cultural identity and showcase our heritage.”

“This year, our delegation met with Legislators to discuss our concerns, which included the need for additional daycare facilities, financial support for small businesses, economic development, the need for additional resources as they relate to the drug epidemic and funding and support for our tourism related industries,” stated Ash.

The agenda for this year’s event included a reception hosted by the WV Association of Counties on Monday, February 5th and the annual buckwheat cake breakfast at the Capitol Tuesday morning. Our delegation had their photo taken in the Senate Chambers, our resolution was presented and accepted and Steve Wotring with Mission Take Back Ministries gave a beautiful invocation. A lunch meeting was held with Senator Randy Smith, Senator Jay Taylor, Delegate George Street and Delegate Buck Jennings regarding local issues. We also met with Attorney General Morrisey’s office, Senator Mike Woelfel’s office, Senator Glen Jeffries and Secretary Mitch Carmichael and with Director Ennis Smith and Secretary Chelsea Ruby.

The Preston County Chamber of Commerce coordinates this annual event as a way to advocate for our members and Preston County. Tim Wotring, Chamber Board Member and Co-Owner of Prodigi stated, “I think there is something to be said when over 50 people from Preston County travel over 2 hours to go and display the passion, love, and dedication that we have for our County.” During our meeting with Secretary Mitch Carmichael, he commented on how great it was to see so many Prestonians in Charleston. “We believe that networking with and being in front of the decisions makers in Charleston is vitally important to our members, business owners and the community,” stated Wotring.

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